a little creativity

I’m not entirely sure when I started sending so much mail. I think it may have happened after college, when I moved to California. It was a nice way to stay in touch, and it felt a little less lonely, especially at first, to get a little something from a good friend. I always enjoyed it, even in college – I’d always ask for postcards from anyone who went traveling, and I’d always buy some on vacation to send to friends and family. But once I moved, I started sending a lot more mail. Read More »


snow day

I love the snow. It might be the fact that I was born in December, or that I’ll always be a New Englander at heart, but something about snow always feels a little bit magical. It was one of the things I missed most while living on the West Coast. Read More »

an adventure in cheese

“If I don’t get some cheese, I might develop a queso the blues.” – Murray’s Cheese Bar

Some friendships begin because of shared interests. Many of mine have begun over a love of all things food. However, what I remember about the first parts of this particular friendship was that Wisconsin cheddar arrived in my mailbox as a birthday gift. Which led to a lot of snacking and multiple grilled cheeses, and a year of hanging out with this awesome friend who also loves to eat, and really loves cheese.Read More »

motivation (and soup)

Today (and the last few days, in fact) have been a bit of a struggle. I can’t tangibly define why; it’s just hard to motivate myself, I feel tired all the time, and I know work is piling up. I told a friend earlier today that maybe I just need something to love, and he suggested I go home and write something here. It wasn’t a bad idea. This is supposed to be a labor of love more than anything else, so today, I’m hoping it kickstarts my drive – at least through to the long weekend!Read More »

broken eggs & blue heels

You know those days where you wake up and everything goes wrong? I had one last week. The big plan was to go see The Good Dinosaur (which I had been wanting to see for a month). We pulled up to the movie theater only to find out that the one show of the day (an 11 am showing) was sold out. Sold out! I didn’t think you needed to buy tickets in advance for a movie that had been in theaters for more than a month. My mistake.Read More »