a little creativity

I’m not entirely sure when I started sending so much mail. I think it may have happened after college, when I moved to California. It was a nice way to stay in touch, and it felt a little less lonely, especially at first, to get a little something from a good friend. I always enjoyed it, even in college – I’d always ask for postcards from anyone who went traveling, and I’d always buy some on vacation to send to friends and family. But once I moved, I started sending a lot more mail. I distinctly remember going to the post office in San Mateo to mail a package and pick up some stamps. This must have been almost four years ago now. I asked about Forever Stamps, and the man behind the counter pulled out a binder, handed it to me, and said I could take a look. There must have been over 100 different sheets of stamps in there. I got sucked in by the Pixar ones, though. They had sheets with characters from Cars, Ratatouille, Toy Story, Up and Wall-E. It certainly made me more inclined to send mail! I also happened to go by Papyrus when they were having a 60% off sale, and bought a random assortment of cute and ridiculous cards. My friends can attest to my love for snail mail – and in the past few years, they’ve been really great about reciprocating as well!

While cleaning over the last few weekends, I realized that a lot of the clutter I had lying around was made up of postcards that I hadn’t found a place for. I had some pinned up on the wall, but for the most part, I just didn’t have enough room to display everything like that. It also always disappointed me a bit to pin them up when I wanted to read what was written on the back. Last weekend, I sat down and did a quick search to see if there were any cool ideas for displaying postcards. There were some – but none really accounted for quite as many postcards as I had with the amount of space I was willing to give up. And then I had an idea of my own. It didn’t come out half-bad, and my friend also brought up the fact that it would make a great little coffee table display!

What You Need:
– 1-hole punch
– book ring
– all your postcards

Grab your postcards and decide where you’d like to hole-punch them. I chose the bottom left corner (when the image is facing you); you usually won’t lose any words or stamps that way. Hole punch them all and slide them onto the book ring. I attempted to sort mine by date, but with having about four years’ worth of postcards, I really only managed to organizeĀ them by the address they were sent to. Display proudly on your coffee table and continue to keep sending mail! It’s the best everyday gift you can give to anyone.



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