a storm is gonna come

During city summers, when it’s about to storm, the sky goes yellow and the wind picks up. It’s humid and breezy at the same time, and you can taste the moisture in the air, if it’s not already coming down from the sky.Read More »


‘in pursuit of magic’

Inside is like stepping outside. Except for the warmth, I wouldn’t be surprised to look up and see the evening sky. There are trees and plants, and they blend together as though we’re sitting in someone’s backyard, rather than in a restaurant with New York outside its doors. When we sit, I notice the small china plates we have – and that ours don’t always match the other tables. There’s a small vase on the table, shaped like a square bottle of perfume, filled with greens and tiny blue flowers. Even though spring hasn’t quite arrived yet, you think it might have, and someone forgot to tell you where to find it.

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July Eats

Mr. Bing, Broadway Bites – A new (to me?) stall popped up this summer, which serves jianbing, a Beijing street food. It’s a bit like a crepe, filled with egg, scallions, sauces, crispy wontons, and a whole bunch of other things. This one was much bigger than the one I had in Beijing, and it was given to me in a takeout box rather than wrapped in paper for me to snack on as I walked, but it was pretty good.

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comfort food

Yesterday was a long day. Not bad, not terribly stressful – just long. I was up at 7am, cleaning and getting ready for work, and I didn’t get back home until 10:15pm. The M wasn’t running last night and I ended up hopping three different trains to get back home. It was such a relief to finally see the light of the E train in the tunnel at my last transfer.Read More »

Cookie Monster wisdom

If you know me, you may know that I believe that the Cookie Monster is a wise, wise muppet. I was reminded of this recently when I saw him in an ad for Siri (shame on you, Apple, for co-opting such a smart monster to promote your products!) baking cookies. In case you haven’t seen the ad, here’s a link. It is admittedly very cute (damn you, TBWA/Media Art Labs, for tugging at my heartstrings).

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