‘in pursuit of magic’

Inside is like stepping outside. Except for the warmth, I wouldn’t be surprised to look up and see the evening sky. There are trees and plants, and they blend together as though we’re sitting in someone’s backyard, rather than in a restaurant with New York outside its doors. When we sit, I notice the small china plates we have – and that ours don’t always match the other tables. There’s a small vase on the table, shaped like a square bottle of perfume, filled with greens and tiny blue flowers. Even though spring hasn’t quite arrived yet, you think it might have, and someone forgot to tell you where to find it.

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Not the movie or the restaurant. Although, I do love the movie – and who doesn’t love John Cusack? (OK, I’m sure some people don’t, but from a romcom perspective I do find him charming…) And already, I’m on a tangent. Let’s go back to the beginning.Read More »

July Eats

Mr. Bing, Broadway Bites – A new (to me?) stall popped up this summer, which serves jianbing, a Beijing street food. It’s a bit like a crepe, filled with egg, scallions, sauces, crispy wontons, and a whole bunch of other things. This one was much bigger than the one I had in Beijing, and it was given to me in a takeout box rather than wrapped in paper for me to snack on as I walked, but it was pretty good.

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an adventure in cheese

“If I don’t get some cheese, I might develop a queso the blues.” – Murray’s Cheese Bar

Some friendships begin because of shared interests. Many of mine have begun over a love of all things food. However, what I remember about the first parts of this particular friendship was that Wisconsin cheddar arrived in my mailbox as a birthday gift. Which led to a lot of snacking and multiple grilled cheeses, and a year of hanging out with this awesome friend who also loves to eat, and really loves cheese.Read More »