Cookie Monster wisdom

If you know me, you may know that I believe that the Cookie Monster is a wise, wise muppet. I was reminded of this recently when I saw him in an ad for Siri (shame on you, Apple, for co-opting such a smart monster to promote your products!) baking cookies. In case you haven’t seen the ad, here’s a link. It is admittedly very cute (damn you, TBWA/Media Art Labs, for tugging at my heartstrings).

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Sanjay’s Super Team

I mentioned in another post how I very much wanted to see Pixar’s newest movie over the winter break – The Good Dinosaur. I’m a sucker for most things Pixar does, although I’ll admit, this wasn’t my favorite movie. However, I really, really love their shorts. For anyone who isn’t familiar with them, Pixar usually does a short movie (about 5 minutes or so) before each full length feature. There are no words, just music and animation. Read More »